We are located in both Forest Hills (Queens) and Harrison (Westchester) in New York. We provide exceptional lessons for playing the piano, singing, and composition especially focusing on developing basic technical skills and knowledge of classical music to enhance one's overall musicianship.

On-site? Online? No problem!!

AMS offers both in-studio and remote lesson as per students' request. Both programs are making a huge success!!  Remote lesson is a modern way to keep your music learning moving forward as well as traditional in-person physical lesson. For those who are interested in our music lesson program, Please feel free to contact us via contact form.

About AMS

Arioso Music Studio provides music lessons for all ages and all levels and specializes in classical music, especially for early to intermediate levels at young ages, to develop their fundamental skills and knowledge of classical music.

Trial lesson and consultation

AMS offers one trial lesson for new students interested in an one-on-one piano or private voice lesson before registration. Please feel free to contact us via contact form for details or to make an appointment.


Arioso Music Studio serves to the commnunities of Forest Hills, Queens and Harrison, Westchester in New York. Both studios ideally have a well-maintained grand piano for experiencing great muscial moments with us.