Violin Classes for Beginners

Summer time only

Introductory Violin Lessons

     This program is suitable especially for elementary school kids who are going to participate in Orchestra Study class at school from the new school year. It is divided into three sessions. The first session focuses on basic stuff of violin to know how to hold a bow and violin and play the instrument. Then, students learn simple pieces like "Twinkle Twinkle Little Stars"  in the second session, and in the third session, the teacher helps students read music of orchestra pieces or gives some advices of the pieces that student chooses. If your child is looking for a teacher before orchestra program begins in September, this is the perfect oprtunity to prepare for it.

<Session Schedule>

Session I Session II Session III
<Basic knowledge of the violin>

 -July 25 at 4pm or 5pm
 -August 6 at 1pm
 -August 8 at 4:30pm
 -August 20 at 2pm
 -August 26 at 2pm

<Let's play simple pieces>

 -August 7 at 2pm
 -August 8 at 5:15pm
 -August 21 at 4:30pm
 -August 22 at 4:15pm
 -August 28 at 4:30pm

<Read orchestra piece or other music> 

 -August 7 at 3pm
 -August 8 at 6:15pm
 -Autust 21 at 5:15pm
 -August 28 at 5:15pm

※Student(s) are allowed to take the same session several times as you need.
 If this is the first time to learn the violin, please begin with the first session. If you already know how to play it and need help to read music of orchestra piece or other pieces you woudl like to learn, you may begin to take the class from either Session II or Session III.
 45 minute lesson/each. Group lessons (one-on-one lesson is also available upon request).

 Instructor: Yuki Kanazawa (violinist)

<Lesson Fee> 

♪$30/each session (group) | $50/each session (one-on-one lesson)

♪$85 for three sessions (group) | $140 for three indivisual lessons
※Payment must be made five days before the first session begins. Either cash or check is acceptable as a form of payment.

※Lesson fees are not refundable after the payment is received, but a one time make-up lesson may be scheduled when student(s) has to cancel the class due to sickness. Our regular school policy of make-up lesson wii be applied.