Fees & Tuition

[Registration Fee] $30 (one time fee for new students)

[Studio Maintenance Fee] $50 per year each student

[Music Lesson for Children]
 ♪30 minute lesson: Indivisual $45 per lesson
         Group $35 each person per lesson
 ♪45 minute lesson: $65 per lesson
 ♪60 minute lesson: $85 per lesson
  Theory option for advance students: $30 per lesson 
 *90 minute lesson is available upon request

Discount for siglings: $5 per lesson

[Music Lesson for Adult]
 ♪6 lesson ticket (valid for 3 months)
  45 minute lesson tickets: $380
  60 minute lesson tickets: $500

 ♪12 lesson ticket (valid for 6 months+1 free lesson)
  45 minute lesson tickets: $720
  60 minute lesson tickets: $960

[Composition Lesson]
 ♪60 minute lesson: $120 per lesson
 ♪90 minute lesson: $150 per lesson

*Tuition is on a monthly basis, which is determined by the number of lessons in the corresponding month. 
*Textbook costs and recital participation fee are not included in it.
*If you would like to take lessons at your home, travel expense will be charged and some terms and conditions may apply for home tutoring lesson.
*Tuition and fees are subject to change due to price and economic situation. 

-Makeup Lesson-
Student(s) and parent are responsible for all missed lessons. Absence from lesson(s) without any notice is not applicable for a make-up lesson. If you are not able to attend a lesson due to illness or family/school schedule, you must inform the studio twenty-four hours prior to the lesson to obtain a make-up lesson. If the student is given a make-up lesson credit, the credit must be used within two months from the absence date. The credit is not transferable as a regular lesson credit. The studio schedules the date for the make-up lesson. Once the makeup lesson schedule is determined, it cannot be changed or postponed for any reason. Lesson credits will be given when the studio is closed due to bad weather, emergency reason, or when the teacher is absent. 

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